my approach

Compassion is the cornerstone of my practice

Eating can be complicated. I know that we're surrounded by competing theories about health and diet. It's my job to help you navigate this environment confidently. My goal is to support you in building a relationship with food that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit. 

one size does not fit all

I believe that the "right" diet for any person is sustainable and pleasurable as well as healthful. 

I’ll listen to your preferences, schedule constraints, health needs, and goals in order to help you find an eating style that works. I'll offer you my best understanding of nutrition research while also honoring the fact that you know your body best. Our work will be a partnership.

a support

One on One Nutrition Counseling

I offer compassionate and collaborative nutrition counseling to individuals of all ages. I have experience working with a wide variety of health challenges. My guidance is evidence-based, with a focus on sustainable results. 

- MM

Gena has been a wonderful part of the team helping my daughter restore weight. She has concrete suggestions, is incredibly knowledgeable and is flexible about working with my daughter's food preferences. Gena is terrific about communicating with both my daughter and with me. Above all she is kind and compassionate. I am thrilled that we found her and would recommend her highly.

What makes me different

I'm Attentive

My support doesn’t begin and end with our nutrition sessions. I’ll invite you to check in with me via email or text, ask you to keep me posted on your progress, and keep lines of communication open with your whole healthcare team (doctors, therapists, and more). 

I'm Food-Focused

It’s my job to help you navigate the ins and outs of nutrition. But I’m also a food writer (and food lover) who’s happy to discuss the specifics of recipes, meals, and meal planning. We'll speak concretely about what and how you eat.

I'm Empathic

I have a food story, just like you have a food story. My journey with food wasn’t easy, and I understand all of the real-world barriers and struggles that make it hard to figure out what and how to eat. 

how I work

I work with clients around the world via Telehealth.

During our video sessions, we'll talk about your nutrition needs and health history, your relationship with food, meal planning strategies, and mindfulness techniques that will set you up for success. Inquire below to learn more about my counseling and how it can help you.

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