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Nutrition Counseling

Personalized, one-on-one counseling is the heart of my nutrition work. My virtual sessions will help you to explore the roadblocks that stand in the way of your health goals and find solutions that fit your life. Frequency of meeting, the structure of our sessions, and the goals we discuss will all be tailored specifically to you. 

If you’re like many of my clients, then you may already know a lot about nutrition.

Perhaps you even know too much, and you’re overwhelmed with all of the information out there. You may find yourself flirting with food fads or extremes that leave you feeling worse.

You're the expert on your body. But all of us need support, accountability, and a knowledgeable perspective sometimes. It’s my job to empower and encourage you. Let’s roll up our sleeves and help you to feel better.



how often will we meet?

Most clients meet with me once weekly or every other week. However, the cadence of sessions depends on your needs and goals. We'll figure out a pace that works for you, and we can adjust the frequency of our check-ins over time.

Do you create meal plans?

Overly prescriptive meal plans can be impractical and limiting. However, I will give you hands-on guidance and support in figuring out how to navigate grocery shopping, meal planning for the week, and finding balance within each meal.

do you only work with vegans?

Not at all. My clients run a full gamut of eating styles. I work with committed, happy omnivores, vegans, and everyone in-between! It's your job to tell me what and how you'd like to be eating. It's my job to give you a roadmap for getting there.

Support for eating disorders and disordered eating.

My eating disorder services include one-on-one counseling. But I also offer virtual meal support, family sessions, and use of the Recovery Record app, a best practice tool for eating disorder treatment that allows clients to share what they’re eating with me in real time.

Recovery is possible.

kara reconnected with the joy of eating

“After being diagnosed with IBS, I was overwhelmed with finding foods that my GI tract would tolerate.”

 I decided to try nutrition counseling and Gena was exactly what I needed. She helped me unravel my relationship with food and helped me understand how stress and digestion are interconnected. My IBS symptoms have significantly improved and eating is much more enjoyable.

shelby found freedom

“Gena is wise, nurturing, and oh so compassionate.”

She has carried me through some tough storms, and because of her, I have a new relationship with food I didn’t think would be possible. And to top it off, she has become a dear friend. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Is Nutrition Counseling right for you?

You have a history of food restriction, overeating, or both. 

You’re struggling with an eating disorder.

You have a new diagnosis or health challenge, and you’d like to make lifestyle changes as a result. 

You want to find an eating style that will help you to thrive for the long term.

You’re overwhelmed by health and diet information and want a trustworthy, knowledgeable professional to help you navigate it.

ready for a change?

Let's Dive In.

I want to hear more about where you’re coming from and where you’d like to go. Together, we can make space for the fulfilling relationship with food that you’ve always wanted. Inquire below to tell me more about your food story. I’ll tell you how I can help you to write the next chapter.

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